Personelle "Y"

Y: an alphabetical offering with a custom-made movement. From East to West “Y” is a powerful symbol. Moreover a master engraver has succeeded in intensifying the play of light on the gold beneath the sapphire. Gold, sapphire, delicate engraving, hidden crown.

Personelle "H"

“H” represents “hour”–the hour with a novel form of display, irony taken to the highest degree. Its complexity is obvious to anyone who can appreciate all the fine details, the hundreds of hours of craftsmanship needed to offer you this creation. Gold, sapphire, delicate engraving, hidden crown.


Pegasus was a mythological beast–in some people’s eyes. Others know he’s a reality. Perfectly free in his movements, protected by an exquisite sapphire case, he will be your constant companion, as much a dreamer as you. Gold, sapphire, delicate engraving, hidden crown.


Phantom: its flying tourbillon was created to remind you that plastic beauty can be technically complex while providing an image of the loveliest simplicity. Gold, sapphire, flying tourbillon, hidden crown.


“Esprit”, or “Spirit” is the name chosen by Vincent Calabrese to epitomize his “Spatial Watches”, designed to exploit the dimensional possibilities of initials, symbols and other more or less familiar shapes, selected at their future owner’s discretion. Gold, sapphire, hidden crown.