Time and a Lifetime

To bare your soul in writing, before all the world, is not easy to do – especially when your first book is being published after 70 years of a life lived to the full.

Yet the artist within me, even more so than the watchmaker, felt the deep-seated need to tell his story–having for decades tacitly ignored all the established rules. My perspective, the course of my life will annoy some and cheer others, but will leave no one indifferent.
I like to believe that it will be the same with my creations. The first principle of the philosophy that produced them was the non-existence of time. Thus, we poor mortals are reduced to measuring only duration. Then why forgo the opportunity to do so in a poetic, playful, philosophical manner?

My book (in French or English translation) expresses this state of mind, that was fed on passion and sometimes rage.